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Management Development Programme Feature: Sally Boynton

Management Development Programme Feature: Sally Boynton

As a precursor to the Senior Management Development Programme, Sally Boynton completed the Management Development Programme in 2021, for which she won a Top Achievers/Director’s Award. “The programme came to my attention when I heard that my line manager and a few colleagues at my company had completed it,” she says. Her initial goal was to develop her understanding of business, leadership and strategic thinking. “And the programme ended up being everything I anticipated and more!” “I wanted to develop a strong foundation and understanding of business from a global perspective while having the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from different fields in a team setting. I knew that I wanted exposure to business models, contemporary leadership thinking, marketing, economics and finance. I also wanted to gain further insight into an academic setting and have the opportunity to grow within that too,” she says. Sally highlights certain programme’s modules that she found to be of great interest. “I especially enjoyed the Environment of Business and the Finance sections. Within both of these modules, I found myself able to analyse a business, using a structured format, in ways that were new to me, while exposing myself to different means of analysis that I had never done before. We touched on economics too, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Up until that point, I had never gone through or understood the Financial Statements and Sustainability reports of my organisation or other organisations to the extent I did through this programme. It was very stimulating to do so, and now I can share that knowledge and understanding with my team. Overall, my biggest takeaway from the programme would have to be the added ability to see businesses through a more strategic lens.” “Upon my successful completion of this programme, I have been able to analyse our business from this perspective. As a manager, I feel I now have better scope and understanding of the bigger picture, where I fit in, and how I can be more effective in my approach towards my team.” This was especially relevant as, at the time, Sally filled a leadership role while working in a different location to her team. She highlighted learning more about the importance of communication, which the pandemic emphasised for everyone. “It reminded me how important it is to communicate with your team regularly – which was especially important as I used to work in Cape Town while the majority of my team was in the Garden Route. I now work less remotely, in the Northern Suburbs area that includes Canal Walk and the Waterfront, which enables me to visit my stores more regularly and keep in closer contact with my team. Nevertheless, establishing and maintaining good communication is among my top priorities.” “Overall, I believe I exceeded my expectations within this programme,” she ends off with, “Even though there’s always room for improvement, I would like to achieve a higher distinction in the future. I now feel more confident in my communication, my ability to present, and in the academic sphere. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I was capable of doing well academically, but since completing the programme, I feel more confident about it and look forward to taking on more challenges. I know I will relish the opportunity to do another programme with SBS Executive Development in the future!” The Management Development Programme empowers managers to reinforce their managerial skill sets and business acumen while facilitating integration across various business units. Strategic in nature, the programme is packed with material that focuses on broadening one’s self-awareness and leadership attributes, while enhancing the necessary managerial skills required in the ever-changing business environment. For further information about upcoming courses, click here

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