Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development

We develop and connect leaders during innovative and transformational learning experiences, which lead to the building of extensive networks and, in turn, give rise to positive change across the African continent and beyond.

Who we are

At Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development, or more commonly referred to as SBS-ED, our business learning is world-class. We work with leading facilitators, corporate partners and international business schools to offer you the best in leadership and management development programmes across Africa, for both corporates and individuals. We develop and connect leaders through innovative and transformational learning experiences because we believe that empowered leaders can bring about change.


We seek out long-standing and deep relationships so that together we can design and deliver people development that:

  • Aligns your purpose and ambition
  • Embeds and amplifies your values
  • Touches the hearts and minds of people you care about
  • Communicates and operationalises your strategy
  • Refreshes your culture
  • Prepares you for an inspiring future


We believe that the best way to develop human capital is through lifelong learning. That’s why we offer a range of different education solutions in leadership, innovation and collaborative learning. This includes short courses for individuals and custom-made courses for corporate companies wishing to provide their staff with customised training informed by their needs. Our courses are presented through online learning environments, face-to-face or blended to incorporate various methods.


Providing people development solutions to realise potential and maximize sustainable impact.


SBS-ED’s ambition is to develop people, impact business and transform lives.


Stellenbosch University, including SBS-ED, subscribes to an independent ethics hotline which was created a few years ago to report any irregularities anonymously. This service is managed independently by Deloitte.

Contact the Ethics Hotline:

Tel: 0800 204 549


SBS-ED’s Code of Ethics acts as a mechanism to guide and manage the organisational integrity of our organisation, and to promote and maintain ethical behaviour in the conduct of the business with its internal and external stakeholders.

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Our Accreditations

The Stellenbosch Business School, along with SBS-ED, has been awarded three prestigious accreditations, AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, resulting in what is known as the Triple Crown Accreditation. Only 1% of business schools worldwide can boast this honour.

Our African Footprint

We have a presence in three South African provinces, Western Cape (Cape Town), Gauteng (Johannesburg) and KwaZulu-Natal (Durban). We are committed to development in Africa, offering courses in Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Eswatini, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and beyond Africa in the United Arab Emirates.

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South Africa

In 2001, SBS joined hands with the private sector to create an executive development company, namely SBS Executive Development (Pty) Ltd (SBS-ED) within the Stellenbosch Business School.

Since then SBS-ED has increased its South African footprint beyond the borders of the Western Cape by opening offices in Sandton and Umhlanga.

SBS-ED hosts a range of events for its clients, participants and alumni throughout South Africa. These include the We Read For You series, Knowledge Sharing workshops and various forums.

Initially, SBS-ED was expected to operate largely in South Africa. Yet today, we are providing high-quality executive development services throughout Africa and beyond.


In 2018, SBS-ED initiated the launch of SBS-ED Botswana. Through a strategic partnership with EOH Consulting, SBS-ED is able to deliver programmes in-country.

SBS-ED Botswana is in the process of registering with the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA). All SBS-ED programmes in Botswana are accredited with the BQA either through EOH Consulting or through the Council of Higher Education in South Africa.

SBS-ED annually hosts a series of Knowledge Sharing events for current participants, alumni and clients in Gaborone to gain expert insights, which they can implement and share back at their workplace.


SBS-ED has partnered with the LEADERSHIP GROUP, which is based in Nairobi, Kenya in order to deliver programmes in-country.


SBS-ED has been delivering programmes in Mauritius since 2014 through its in-country partner, Global Natives.

SBS-ED annually hosts a series of Knowledge Sharing breakfast and cocktail events for key clients in Moka, Mauritius to gain expert insights, which they can implement and share back at their workplace.


SBS-ED has had a presence in Namibia since the early 2000s and offers a range of in-country programmes in Windhoek, Namibia.

Current participants, alumni and clients annually receive invitations to attend a series of Knowledge Sharing events in Windhoek and Walvis Bay, which afford attendees the opportunity to gain expert insights, to implement and share back at their workplace as well as new innovative programme offerings.


In Eswatini, SBS-ED’s programmes are delivered through our in-country partner RES Corporation. Programmes are delivered via their Learning Academy at the country club in Simunye where accommodation is also available. RES Corporation and SBS-ED have been delivering programmes in Eswatini since 2017.

Stellenbosch University Certification

On successful completion of a SBS-ED programme, you will receive either a digital or printed certificate from Stellenbosch University. Security-encrypted, unprintable Digital certificates are issued for Online programmes as standard. For Remote, Blended and Face-to-Face programmes, the choice to issue printed or digital certificates is at the discretion of the client.

For more information on how you will receive your Digital certificate, as well as on the issuing of duplicate digital or printed certificates, please click on the link below, applicable to your programme’s mode of delivery.

Online Programmes Blended, Remote or Face-to-Face Programmes

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Eligibility for admission to formal qualifications

Application to be eligible for admission to formal qualifications is subject to the Stellenbosch University Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes.

Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (SBS-ED), an informal (short course) learning provider, has partnered with formal higher education institutions both locally (Stellenbosch Business School and the University of the Free State) and in the United Kingdom (University of Lincoln), to provide students with non-formal learning opportunities that can be used as an alternative access route into accredited Higher Education programmes.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for access allows you to enter a programme you would not normally qualify for based on formal education alone.   RPL for exemption allows students to demonstrate that prior informal or non-formal learning is comparable to the learning outcomes and NQF level of a specific module/modules, thereby allowing them to be exempted from these modules.

Please note that exemption from modules does not translate to credits being awarded for those modules or marks achieved in completing non-formal learning (such as short courses) to be carried over to the formal programme. Additionally, RPL cannot exempt individuals from more than 50% of the modules required for any particular programme/qualification.

Any individual who wishes to use these short courses as an avenue to apply for either RPL for access or exemption must follow a formal application process, which includes submitting evidence of the non- formal learning. Application for RPL is subject to a vigorous assessment process by the respective partnership institutions, as well as being subject to their respective internal policies and national regulations.

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