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Management Development Programme (MDP)

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Remote - 6 months Blended - 6 months Online - 6 months
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This programme strengthens middle managers’ management and leadership competencies. They are armed with cutting-edge management and leadership techniques – the ones needed to excel within their middle management roles, stand out within their organisations, and take their careers to the next level. Considering the competitive and ever-changing business environment, the programme focuses on enhancing entrepreneurial thinking. It equips them with the skills necessary to remain agile in a volatile world and respond effectively to organisational challenges, as well as optimise their teams’ performance and lead with impact.

We focus on reinforcing their managerial skill set and business acumen – ensuring that they understand how the organisation operates, the impacts of both internal and external factors on the organisation, as well as how it affects their leadership approaches. The programme provides insight into best practices in management – emphasising the importance of not performing their management roles in isolation, as well as reinforcing the need to facilitate strategic and performance-related integration within and among their teams.

Who is this course for?

Middle managers and supervisors who are responsible for managing teams / business units, and who are needing to improve their functional managerial skills and competencies.

Why choose this course?

The MDP is a comprehensive 6-month programme that focuses on (1) Commercialising Innovation, (2) The Essentials of Managerial Finance, (3) Economics for Managers, (4) Marketing and Customer Service Management, (5) Effective People Management Practices, and (6) Developing Cutting-edge Leadership Competence.

Participants are guided on their learning journey by a Learning Process Facilitator (LPF). The LPF plays the vital role of mediator, mentor, and advisor to participants and groups. The LPF is present in every class and is responsible for (1) ensuring that session outcomes are achieved (2) that all participants take active part in discussions, and (3) that facilitators address all questions and concerns fairly, clearly, and in a manner that supports understanding.

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a Stellenbosch University Certificate of Competence and, subject to specific requirements, be able to apply for recognition of 22 credits within the present curriculum of the University of the Free State’s Bachelor’s Degree of Management and Leadership (BML).

Over the course of 6 months, participants will be equipped to:

Admission Requirements

No formal tertiary qualification is required

1 to 2 years of mid-level management experience.

English language competence at NQF level 4 / equivalent

What our participants had to say

"This course has taught me to manage my time more effectively and to be able to work with different personalities, which had a big impact on both my work and my personal life."

- Meghan Baros

"First of all I would like to say the MDP is an amazing an journey to a new world of greatness. As leaders in our development leadership journey we never actively nor consciously think about the changes we are embarking on and as such we always stick to the same recipes even when the recipe does not fit the new menu.The MDP gave me insightful awareness which has geared me up to achieve the required current and future operational and strategic outcomes in my organisation."

- Siyabulela Komanisi

"The Management Development Programme (MDO) has taught me time management, focus, and transparency in leadership."

- Phamela Mengana

"I have made long-lasting friendships and have gained insight which accelerated my professional career."

- Ntomb’zenhlanzeko Cele

"The Management Development Programme (MDP) was very enlightening, so much that I went on to register for my MBA to take the concepts even further."

- Walter Lumadi

"Go for it! The programme is so incredibly valuable! There’s so much that I learned from it that I have integrated into my own daily routine. You will surely learn practical ways to become the best manager/leader you can be. It has certainly capacitated me to become the best young, agile leader that I can be both for myself and my team. So, go for it and thank me later!"

- Kim Jonas

"This course has the ability to incorporate all types of models to achieve being a leader, as well as grow future leaders. It is an exceptionally beneficial course, and I would highly recommend it, simply because you have the ability to become a leader yourself and the opportunity to grow future leaders."

- Raeesa Mohamed

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