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5 signs that you are suited to a career in project management

5 signs that you are suited to a career in project management

When you were a child, chances are the prospective careers touted for your future were accountancy, teaching, law or medicine. But times are changing and there is a distinct shift in the types of roles that companies are now looking for. One of the careers on the up and up is project management, a high earning field which is becoming increasingly relevant in Industry 4.0. It is a role that corporates are investing heavily in because of its ability to reduce risks, cut costs, improve success rates and help organisations achieve their goals.

USB-ED has been offering a project management course for a number of years, and we’ve been astounded at the growth of the course.

Why is the role growing so rapidly in importance? The demands for companies to innovate and morph to stay relevant as technology changes how the world operates means multiple projects need to run simultaneously. For example, projects that investigate how artificial intelligence can be used to streamline efficiencies across operations. For these projects to run on time, on budget and to achieve the desired outcomes, a professional is required to manage the process. Where previously many corporates didn’t change dramatically for decades, now most companies need projects on a near-permanent basis to affect change.

Could this be a job for you? Here are five signs that you may be suited to a career as a project manager. 

1. You love variety

Project management skills allow you to flexibly work across a great many industries with some of the biggest opportunities being in financial services, healthcare, technology and construction. 

2. You like flexibility

This is a job that often doesn’t require you to be in the office all day, every day. So, you have the flexibility to work remotely or at unusual hours if this suits your lifestyle. 

3. You enjoy problem-solving

​If you like nothing better than to be faced with a challenge and find the solution, this is the career for you. A big part of the role is figuring out how to navigate obstacles and still deliver on time and on budget. 

4. You are a planner

As well as planning on the job, you also plan your future carefully. Knowing that project management is among the most in-demand jobs globally and is growing rapidly, is a very good reason to move into this career. In fact, the Project Management Institute (PMI)® expects to see 22 million new project management job openings by 2027.

5. You don’t mind being paid well

Who doesn’t enjoy this, right? Salaries for project managers are highly competitive. The starting salary in Rands is about R220 000 annually (January 2019) and can rise to as much as R900 000 annually for more senior roles and beyond.

USB-ED’s project management courses will be the perfect springboard into this amazing, fast growing career. ​

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