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Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) Feature: Samuel Jacobs

Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) Feature: Samuel Jacobs

Samuel Jacobs recently completed the USB Executive Development Senior Management Development Programme. He mentions that, “I joined the SMDP programme to increase my dexterity as a leader, more specifically around the quality of my participation in the boardroom. The prospects of being exposed to the calibre of the participants, lecturers, and content, promised an expanse for thoughtful exploration on leadership, economics, strategy, innovation, and business performance.”

From this, his highlights were multiple. Among the notable ones, he shares, “The programme yielded several rewarding moments, like the refreshing reminder of the indelible relationship economics has with the social and political environment. The impact household savings, investments (portfolio and direct), and foreign reserves have on how a currency – especially of a developing country – is expressed against the US dollar.”

He shares that he found the content highly engaging. “The modules were incredibly insightful; however, it was within the development of a strategic project through business-driven action learning that the scaffolding of our learnings was meaningfully put to the test. Getting to know the leadership team, and the staff of the NGO we partnered with and together discovering the possibilities for a much more sustainable future for them, remains the flagship of my experience in the programme.”

“The programme is laced with little encounters that force you to go on short bursts of self-discovery,” Samuel shares. “Herein resides significant value, dare I say, beyond the ever-studious nature of the literature and modules. The course illuminated some underlying biases that were impacting the quality of my decision-making. Being equipped to think about my thinking has enabled within me a hemisphere of awareness – one that seeks what is valid and efficacious for a particular decision instead of settling for what “seems” right; a decision-making meritocracy if you will. Having this awareness has led me to understand what triggers my biases and what situations may strengthen them, allowing me to slow down and create time to explore the uncomfortable alternative.” 

To prospective participants, he states, “If you yield to the subtle promptings to read broadly, participate in syndicate groups, stay engaged and open-minded, you will soon craft the ability to find the appropriate expressions for your thoughts while holding multiple views in tension with sufficient insight to meaningfully contribute to complex problem-solving.”

For further information about upcoming USB Executive Development Senior Management Development Programmes, click here.

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