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My SMDP Journey… continued! Looking back at Odwa Mtimkulu’s Lincoln Journey.

My SMDP Journey… continued! Looking back at Odwa Mtimkulu’s Lincoln Journey.

After having successfully finished his Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP), Odwa Mtimkulu continued his learning journey by enrolling at the University of Lincoln in 2022. His successful completion of the SMDP meant that a substantial amount of credits would be recognised towards a graduate degree at Lincoln.

“My journey started with Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development when I enrolled in the Senior Management Development Programme. The SMDP was a very insightful programme and added immensely to my learning and development journey, which overflowed into my career. It helped me to grow within my role and its realisation thereto. Upon completion of the SMDP, I felt very empowered and encouraged to learn more – since I had learned so much from the insights on the programme, especially about the business management aspect of things. As a result of this, I was very interested in furthering my knowledge, especially in the arena of Business Management. When the opportunity came with the University of Lincoln, I didn’t need a second invitation.”

“I was very excited to seize the opportunity for international academic exposure, and my journey coincided with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This brought about its own set of challenges, but the format of the degree, the learning set-up, and the technology that the University of Lincoln was using proved to be well ahead of the game. It was still possible to proceed seamlessly with the tutorials and the course.”

“The University of Lincoln has a team of top-notch tutors, each of whom are well-versed in the knowledge that is presented in the respective modules. I must also acknowledge their approach to the degree and how the various modules were presented. The Finance for the Non-Finance Manager module and the Independent Research module has proven to be the most useful for me. They were both quite challenging at first, but in the end, my personal and professional skills grew in leaps and bounds from doing them.”

“If I were to recommend anyone who is considering enrolling at the University of Lincoln after their SMDP, my advice would be to go for it. If I had to give it a recommendation out of 10, it would be a straight 10, because of the attitude and knowledge of the staff, the tools in place, the excellent library, and the set-up in place that ensures that everyone is involved and aligned, at all times. I am truly thankful for the opportunity, starting with Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development and the University of Lincoln support staff, programme leaders, tutors and lecturers.”

Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development currently partners with the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. Through this partnership, participants who successfully complete their Senior Management Development Programme can use the credits from the SMDP to reduce the amount of time it will take them to meet one of the Univerisity of Lincoln‘s degree programmes. 

To find out more about the partnership and to enrol, click here.

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