Project Management

Project Management

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Remote - 3 months
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Irrespective of an individual’s profession, or even in a personal capacity, they will have to manage projects at some point. This programme arms professionals with cutting-edge project management knowledge and enhanced project management skills: The ones needed (1) to excel in their role, either as a new or more experienced project manager, (2) to take their projects and their career to the next level, and (3) to make themselves indispensable in a world that will always require excellent project managers.

The programme is based on the PMBOK process groups and the PRINCE2® principles. Participants will learn to apply international standard Project Management philosophies, principles, and techniques that will enable them to plan, analyse, measure progress, control, and report on any project – irrespective of the scope or industry. It equips participants with the skills necessary to assess and determine situations that warrant a project approach in order to achieve strategic objectives.

The objective of the programme is to acquaint participants with the practical and theoretical principles and techniques with which a specific team produces an identified, once-off project, within specified time, cost, and performance targets. Our approach is not to present or promote a specific methodology for project
management, but rather the philosophy, principles and techniques involved in the management of projects.

Who is this course for?

New or more experienced project managers who need to plan, analyse, measure progress, control, and report on any project – irrespective of the scope or industry.

Why choose this course?

Based on the PMBOK process groups and the PRINCE2® principles, the PMP is a comprehensive 3-month programme that provides insights into the fundamentals of Project Management but also covers, on a more in-depth level, (1) The Formulation of the Scope of a Project, (2) Organising for Project Management, (3) Cost Management, and (4) Time Management for Projects with Non-repetitive Elements.

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a Stellenbosch University Certificate of Competence and, subject to specific requirements, be able to apply for exemption of 15 credits towards the present curriculum of the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management (NQF 8) offered at Stellenbosch Business School.

Over the course of 3 months, participants will be equipped to:

Admission Requirements

No formal tertiary qualifications OR Project Management training required.

Participants should have English language competence at NQF level 4 / equivalent.

Mathematical competence is also a recommendation, but not a requirement.

What our participants had to say

"Although Fortune Magazine has described Project Management as the number one career choice, it takes hard work and determination to become successful. If you are an individual aspiring to embrace one of the most challenging career options, our Managing Projects programme will capacitate you with knowledge and skills to embrace the challenges of a project management career with confidence"

- MC Botha
Programme Director

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