• 20 May 2020
  • SBS-ED
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Faculty Focus: Cynthia Schoeman

Faculty Focus: Cynthia Schoeman


USB-ED is fortunate to have access to more than 300 part-time faculty, consultants, business leaders and industry experts who facilitate on our programmes.

Today we would like to introduce you to Dr Cynthia Schoeman.

What is the toughest leadership challenge businesses face today?

The imperative to maintain an ethical focus and to continue to behave ethically in a hugely changed situation that easily lends itself to excluding the  concerns and interests of internal and external stakeholders

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from a student to date?

From students in general, the most valuable lesson is to listen to their views and to really seek to understand what informs their views.

Who inspires you and why?

Making a difference inspires me. Why: because in our country we have great need of an ethical difference.

What attracted you to work with USB-ED?

Having the opportunity to share my work in the area of ethics more broadly and, ideally, to shape their thinking about ethics.

Do you have a mantra or slogan that you live by?

To make a difference, you first have to give a damn (which stems from the title of my first book, “Ethics: Giving a Damn, Making a Difference”)

What career advice would you give yourself looking back to when you started out?

To have started working in the field of workplace ethics even earlier than I did.

Tell us about a book you have recently read?

Jennie by Paul Gallico, a choice influenced by the need for something wonderful to read to detract from the stress of the current period.

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