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Deciding on a career path is one of the most important, yet challenging decisions every young adult faces. Once they leave school, they do not know what their next steps are: “What am I interested in? What do I want to study? What do I want to become? And where do I start?”

The Young Minds Programme, certified by Stellenbosch University, is specifically designed to equip school-leavers and young adults with the necessary skills, knowledge, tools, and mindset to be better prepared for the next chapter in their lives – the world of study and work, as well as life in general. This is achieved by helping them define their goals, strengths, and direction before enrolling in tertiary courses / degrees, embarking on a fixed career path, as well as building the career and life of their dreams. 
Participants learn about, among other core themes, Business Management, Entrepreneurial Thinking, and Personal Mastery, and gain access to life coaches and job shadowing guidance, as well as undergo psychometric testing. It is a truly personalised learning experience structured to help students design the career and life they desire and deserve – and kickstart their professional journey with the utmost confidence. 

Who is this course for?

This programme is specifically designed for matriculants who want to prepare for a successful career, students who feel unsure about their current study choices, or young graduates who want to create their own career opportunities or move into corporate business. It is geared toward young individuals who: (1) want to understand themselves better, (2) better define their life goals and overall direction, (3) want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, (4) create opportunities of wealth for themselves and others, (5) improve their management and leadership skills, (6) increase their overall personal effectiveness, (7) enhance their employability, (8) understand the complexities of the real world of business, and (9) design a sustainable, viable, and feasible career path.

Why choose this course?

The Young Minds Programme is a comprehensive 9-month programme that focuses on (1) Business Management, (2) Entrepreneurial Thinking, and (3) Personal Mastery. It focuses specifically on (1) Financial Management, (2) Marketing, (3) People Management and Team Dynamics, (4) Economics, (5) Thinking and Paradigms, (6) Operations Planning, (7) Project Management, (8) Career Planning, (9) Personal Branding, (10) Emotional Intelligence, (11) Innovative Thinking, (12) Presentation Skills, (13) Entrepreneurial Processes, (14) Self-leadership, and (15) Neuro Leadership.

Over the course of 9 months, participants will be learning face2face in an interactive in-classroom environment. These classroom sessions will take place on the Stellenbosch University (SU) campus, allowing participants to experience the student life unique to Stellenbosch.

In order to enhance and support the learning experience of participants, each group is assigned a Learning Process Facilitator (LPF) to coordinate the activities of the programme. The LPF plays the vital role of mediator, mentor, and advisor to participants and groups. The LPF is present in every class and is responsible for: (1) Ensuring that session outcomes are achieved, (2) that all participants take active part in discussions, and (3) that facilitators address all questions and concerns fairly, clearly, and in a manner that supports understanding.

Over the course of 9 months, participants will be equipped to:

Admission Requirements

Provisional acceptance onto the programme will be granted based on the achievement of a minimum pass mark of 55% for prelim / mid-year Grade 12 results.

Participants are still required to submit their final Grade 12 results on receipt. No specific Grade 12 subjects are required for admittance to the programme.

What our participants had to say

"The programme is holistic, I would say, because I developed every part of myself"

- Claudia Waschefort

"The course helped me to set out small goals towards my dreams"

- Tsebo Koena

"It's all about personal development - not only the business subjects. You get to develop yourself as a person and (discover) how to react in certain situations - you really get to know what you're good at; but even better, what you are NOT good at!"

- Robin de Cauwer
2015 Top student

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