• 04 May 2020
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SMDP participants help to spread awareness of transformative South African initiative

SMDP participants help to spread awareness of transformative South African initiative


USB-ED’s Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) is a strategically-focused leadership programme, which aims to provide its participants with the tools that they require to operate efficiently on a strategic level. One such mechanism for facilitating this learning process is the Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL) project: a practical assignment focused on achieving leadership development and true organisational transformation, using a results-focused orientation.

As part of their BDAL project, SMDP syndicate group, The Power of 5, supported The 9 Miles Project, an NPO based in Strandfontein, Cape Town.

The 9 Miles Project, which was started by avid surfer Nigel Savel and his wife Sher’Neil, is a community upliftment initiative focused on providing a safe haven for at-risk youths in South Africa’s coastal towns. The NPO focuses on using surfing as a means to mentor children and young adults, steering them away from the lure of gangsterism whilst preparing them for a bright future.

The Power of 5 was truly touched by the initiative and made it their mission to ensure that the organisation’s purpose and vision was shared with a broader audience, in order to garner support for the life-changing cause. As part of their project, they created an emotive pro bono video showcasing the initiative, with the help of video content creator, Malcolm Rainers founder of Lekka Media.

The video had the desired effect and the South African “positivity and upliftment” platform #Imstaying, even asked to share the video with their audience.

As an SMDP group, The Power of 5 have truly reflected the values that will enable South African businesses to positively contribute to the development of not only the economy, but society at large. It is the belief that together we are stronger and through collective collaboration we can achieve so much more in making a difference. Our journey continues …

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