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Executive Development Programme (EDP) Feature: Mpho Mohajane

Executive Development Programme (EDP) Feature: Mpho Mohajane

Enrolling for USB-ED’s Executive Development Programme (EDP), Founder and Managing Director at Circular Management Consulting, Mpho Mohajane shared exclusively that he took interest in the programme due to the variety within its syllabus. “It offers a study opportunity with a wide range of interesting themes and modules that are relevant to the new world of business in which we are operating. Even though the leadership module was a key part of the programme, there is also interconnectedness with all other modules.”

When navigating the programme within the relevant COVID-19 protocols, he found the transition to be professional and well-conducted, ensuring that he was well-equipped with the needed tools to optimise his studies. “The programme was initially designed to be conducted with face-to-face interaction, and as a result of COVID-19, this was converted into remote learning using Zoom. I had to quickly learn how to navigate this application and its various functionalities, nuances, and etiquette – together with the necessary techniques to prevent “Zoom fatigue”. This tool enabled us to participate and have conversations with everyone in class or privately converse with individuals or syndicate/sub-groups.”

The application of the concepts that were taught was something that Mpho appreciated. “Consolidating the work-experience with the academic background that I already had in this way enabled me to integrate the learnings while putting into practice the transforming key-aspects of my work-based experience.”

Speaking on the specifics of what he learnt, he shares, “I have learned that responsible leadership, ethics and the application of good corporate governance play a critical role in driving businesses forward – particularly within the recent impact of the global pandemic. It is imperative that leaders think in future-focused, holistic ways, lead with purpose, and take into consideration the people being led, the environment, and global economic trends.

“As a leader, self-awareness is particularly important. As we lead, we inspire those we work with. It is therefore imperative that we check and challenge beliefs that we have had – especially those formed due to our background. It is the people, not the framework that makes a business succeed, and hence it is important that our people are taken care of.”

Another aspect of the programme that he highlighted was the emphasis on enhancing each individual’s unique skill sets. “The programme encourages individuals to develop their own career plans and as such a Modified Career Path Appreciation (MCPA) assessment is conducted for each candidate – if there was not one done in the last few years.”

He also emphasised the value of being supported, and guided by those who have more experience than you. “I have learned that it is essential to have a personal mentoring team. This collective, which has one’s best interests at heart, has to be selected carefully. A mentoring team offers a diversity of thoughts, perspectives, skills, and social capital. The more diverse one’s team, the greater the reach and potential. One must think globally and do not limit themself to one industry or organization. Think globally. To truly get a wide array of outlooks, make sure your mentoring team does not all look like you.”

Overall, Mpho is very encouraging to anyone thinking about doing the programme, stating, “This executive development programme offers comprehensive knowledge, considering the fast-paced, ever-changing and challenging global business environment. I therefore highly recommend it to leaders who are looking to consolidate their learnings with their business, and take their careers to the next level.”

For further information about the programme, you can read more here.

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