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Cultivating a Thriving Learning Culture: Insights from Stellenbosch Business School Executive Education Learning and Development Workshop

Cultivating a Thriving Learning Culture: Insights from Stellenbosch Business School Executive Education Learning and Development Workshop

At Stellenbosch Business School Executive Education (SBS-ED), our commitment to nurturing continuous learning and development within organisations is paramount. We believe a robust learning culture stands as the bedrock of sustained growth and innovation. In pursuit of this mission, we recently hosted the second installment of our Learning and Development Community of Practice Workshops for 2023. The workshop was titled “Business Culture and Other Short Stories”.  Our goal is clear: to equip individuals and organisations with the essential skills to succeed. We aim to help them thrive in our ever-evolving business landscape.

Event Highlights:

Under the theme “Embedding Learning into the Flow of Work and Culture,” our second event was held in Cape Town, South Africa. A diverse group of L&D professionals from varied sectors joined us in a crucial discourse. They discussed how to cultivate a thriving learning culture within their respective organisations. Guided by the expertise of Willem Fourie, an accomplished author, associate professor, and founder of the South African SDG Hub, this workshop provided an invaluable platform for L&D executives and managers to engage in insightful discussions and exchange ideas.

The Focus: Cultivating a Thriving Learning Culture

Central to the workshop’s narrative was the art of seamlessly infusing learning into an organisation’s cultural DNA. Attendees explored approaches and strategies to integrate learning into daily operations, fostering a proactive approach to growth.

The Significance: Why This Matters

In today’s economic landscape, the ability to swiftly adapt to change and innovation is imperative. By underscoring the fusion of learning into the current of work and culture, organisations empower their teams to embrace agility, growth, creativity, and an enhanced capacity to confront challenges head-on.

The Invitation: Join Us for the Next Workshop

We invite all SBS-ED alumni in the fields of L&D and Human Resources to join us at the next event, where we will discuss strategies that amplify the impact of your learning initiatives. The workshop is titled, “Return on Learning Debunked“,  facilitated by Sana-Ullah Bray, Sanlam Group Executive: Human Capital and co-facilitated by Dr Chris van der Hoven, CEO of SBS-ED. The workshop takes place on 18 October in Cape Town. To secure your spot, please register at https://lu.ma/8wxop7wv.

Join us in crafting a future of growth and innovation. We have the power to reshape industries, careers, and lives, together.

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